Science and technology constitute a primary productive force
  • Division of Internet of Things

  • Division of Green Building and Environment

  • Division of Advanced Engineering Materials

  • Division of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

Division of Internet of Things
  • ·Digital Life Research Center (DLRC)
  • ·Guangzhou Digital Life Engineering Technology Research Center
  • ·Digital Life Research Center RF Technology Application and Testing Laboratory

The website of Internet of Things : http://iot.fytgs.ust.hk/

★Wearable Computing Technology

Wearable Computing Technology is a suite of devices "worn" on the body, and is a major research topic in the area of smart environment. The Division of Internet of Things is dedicated to conduct research and development on wearable computing technology, focusing on the algorithms for wearable devices and enhancing the capability of wearable computing technology application by means of step counting, tracking, gesture and localization.

★Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment is a service that allows users to pay for consumer goods and services on their mobile devices (usually by mobile phones and wearable devices). In co-operation with BestPay, the Division of Internet of Things built and developed a revolutionary QR Code and Host Card Emulation Mobile Payment System for BestPay App. It is currently being expanded to provide increased functionality and ease-of-use for the customers and retailers.

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Division of Green Building and Environment

★Small Scale Wind Turbine (SSWT)

This is a reliable wind power generation system with MPPT/Pulse Charging Compound Control Technology, Active Power Limited Technology and H/S Combined Vertical Wind Turbine Technology, which can make the power generation more efficient, prolong the lifetime, and decrease the unit cost of the power generation.

★Key Technology and Application of Absorption-Type Refrigeration from Low-Grade Waste Heat

It is an energy-efficient adsorption refrigeration system activated by low grade heat source such as waste boiler heat to solve problems of adsorbent, adsorption bed, heat transfer, system stability in the field of adsorption refrigeration,which mainly used in commercial, and industrial construction.

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Division of Advanced Engineering Materials

★Ultra-Light and High-Strength (ULHS) Materials

The new generation of Polymer Ultra-Light and High-Strength (ULHS) Material is an innovative Advanced Material based on combining three key technologies: Advanced Controllable Micro Porous Foaming Technology, Long Fiber Reinforced Technology, and Single Injection Molding Technology. This has resulted in a light-weight material with high mechanical properties.

★High impact strength epoxy nano-composites with natural nanotube

Using a technique natural nano materials called halloysite , the impact strength of the epoxy res-ins are improved by up to four times without sacrificing other properties including young's modu-lus and thermal property. After extensive testing of the debonding, bridging, fracture and en-richment phases, these Nanotubes have a greatly improved contribution to the impact properties of the materials.

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Division of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
  • ·Center for Polymer Processing and Systems
  • ·Guangzhou Engineering Technology Research Center for Intelligent Polymer Processing
  • ·Guangdong HKUST FYTRI Academician Workstation for Batch Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis
  • ·Joint Laboratory for High-Performance Polymer Processing Technologies and Equipment
  • ·National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation(South China)

The website of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation : http://cpps.fytgs.ust.hk/

★Injection Process Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Technology

The injection process monitoring and fault diagnosis system developed by our Research Institute is based on real-time analysis for machine parameters. The system sends an automatic alarm when an abnormal is detected, quickly identifies common faults so as to reduce probability of occurrence of quality accidents, shortens the time to deal with the failure, and greatly reduce the rejection rate of products.

★Intelligent Monitoring System With High Precision and Low Cost For Extruder

With advanced control technology, this system conducts precise, closed-loop control on the key parameters, such as melt pressure, temperature, individual fuselage temperature, main screw rpm, and moisture screw rpm. On-line monitoring of the extrusion process can identify faults and products defect and identify problems in the extrusion process to quickly and accurately improve the production precision and the quality of products.

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